The Enterprise Guide to Multi-Cloud

Published by VMware

Organizations of all industries and sizes are increasing cloud adoption to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. Whether to optimize what it takes to manage an on-premises data center, enable development teams to build modern and agile applications, or to leverage best-of-breed functionalities – the cloud provides the speed, flexibility, and scalability organizations require to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

However, the breadth of offerings across the cloud presents a myriad of choices to the business. Teams struggle to balance the needs of new applications with existing infrastructure and legacy applications, and the pressures of reliability, security, and governance are compounded with a growing portfolio of inconsistent architectures, infrastructure requirements, cloud providers, services, tools, and processes.

The Enterprise Guide to Multi-Cloud is designed to help organizations understand the value you can expect from an effective multi-cloud strategy and learn how to overcome common challenges that can stand in the way of success. Through this guide, you will learn:

• The primary multi-cloud use cases, deployment models, and service models
• The most common challenges organizations face along their multi-cloud journey
• What is needed to successfully realize the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy

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