The InfoSec Survival Guide

Published by AuditBoard

Today, security and compliance leaders are struggling under the pressure of maintaining ongoing compliance in the face of regulatory expansion, changing requirements, technical transformation, explosions of scale (data, users, assets), and the battle for talent. In the face of these encroaching demands, InfoSec professionals are in dire need of a new approach to compliance.

AuditBoard’s comprehensive InfoSec Survival Guide: Achieving Continuous Compliance explores the basis of this need for change — and dives into solutions across every stage of the compliance life cycle.

Authored by an experienced team of security and compliance leaders and experts, this guide was designed to help InfoSec teams of all maturity levels optimize their compliance practices from end to end through a continuous monitoring approach.

Download the full guide for best practices and tools, including:

  • Rationale behind and benefits of adopting a continuous approach to compliance.
  • Tips for optimising controls testing and evidence collection using technology.
  • Metrics to track for team and executive reporting and tips for board reporting
  • Checklists for embedding continuous monitoring throughout your program.

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